About the Project
The goal of this project was to take an existing cryptocurrency company and give it a rebrand based on the brief given. Outside research about the business would be required as well in order to have success with the rebrand. Included would be a new logo, color scheme, signage, an animated version of the new logo, and an animated splash screen (loading screen) for the new logo. 
Thought Process
After reading through the brief and doing some more research about the company and its main goals, multiple logo ideas were created. The company wanted to reach a younger demographic and help show more depth/layers to their business while also showing that security and privacy is a top priority. After several sketches, portions from 2-3 different logos were combined to create what would be the new logo for Zcash. 
Final Logo
Shown below is the final logo that was created for Zcash. 
Animated Splash Screen
The goal of this animation was to create a simple splash screen that would act as a base for when content is loading up on a website rather than having the viewer stare at a blank screen. 
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