About the Project
This project consisted of creating a series of 3 package designs that would relate to one another but for different products. It could be for an existing company or one that was made up (as long as it sounded legit). I decided to stick with a well-known company, TULA Skincare. I wanted to do skincare products ever since the project was introduced and stuck with that idea until the finished product. Another key element the packaging needed was a clear concept for the series that was identifiable to the viewer. My concept was revolved around the chemistry/science aspect of skincare, focusing more on the main ingredient found in the products. 
Thought Process
Below shows the progression of brainstorming the series packaging with the chemistry concept being the main focus. The first image (left) shows the ideation from the chemical formula, the main ingredient for each product, and the potential containers to use. The last image (right) shows a rough sketch of the containers I wanted the packaging to be displayed on in correlation to the product that would be found within that container. Each product's front part of the packaging would end up showing the chemical formula to help highlight the main active ingredient. 
Case Study
Below is a case study that was created for the series packaging to further explain the stages of the project from start to finish and included images to where needed to help add to the information provided. Final images are also shown in the case study. 
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