About the Project
This freelance project was to design the front and back of an e-book for a certain topic — Satellites. I was given a shared Google Doc that included all the text that would be needed for the e-book and any other side notes they wanted to mention about the overall design. 
Thought Process
The client wanted this e-book cover to focus on satellites as that would be what most of the information consisted of within the e-book. I sketched out 4 different versions (front and back cover) and sent them off to the client to see if they liked any. The fourth sketch (the very last set) was the one they wanted to start to digitalize. I was given full range of the typography and color choices. I wanted to stick to the normal space color scheme to help draw the connection when the viewer takes a quick glance at the front or back cover. 
Final Images
Below is the final front and back cover for the book. The scattered stars going onto the back cover helps to connect both covers and create more movement throughout. 
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