About the Project
Sweet Vibes was an entire company identity project. The main goal was to take an existing business that is just beginning and create a complete brand for them. I started off by doing research to find a company I wanted to brand. I decided to look on Kickstarter as people will post their ideas/creations on this website in hopes of gaining more attention and trying to find some funding to make their vision come to life. 
After searching through many ideas, I stumbled across Sweet Vibes. Sweet Vibes is a cupcakery that began in someone's kitchen and hoping to expand to a store to have more room to grow and allow more orders from customers. After reading through their ideas and thinking of designs to potentially produce, I decided to go with Sweet Vibes as I felt the most drawn to it and could create many elements for a brand. 
The button below will go more in-depth on the research and proposal behind this project before diving into the full brand.
Thought Process
To start off this whole brand, I worked on sketching out a logo first since that will be the core of the brand. I wanted to focus on a cupcake as that was the main treat they make. I also tried to think of some ideas related to baking in general. 
As shown below, the final logo I ended up going with combined some aspects from a few of the sketches that I felt worked well together to make the logo come to life and feel complete. 
Final Logo
After going through sketches and digitalizing a few favorites, I decided on this logo to be the one to represent Sweet Vibes. It's simple and friendly to draw people in, but also still references the cupcake part of their business. 
I wanted to go with more gender-neutral tones to make everyone feel included and the hopes of gaining more customers. I didn't want any of the colors to be too bold and loud which is why I went with more muted, softer-looking colors. 
Adobe Illustrator
Below shows all aspects of the brand — before importing them into mockups on Photoshop or creating products through my Cricut Maker 3. Everything is labeled according to the product it represents. Some products (shirt and hat) didn't need anything specific as I was just ironing on the logo to the areas needed. 
Adobe Photoshop
After completing everything in Adobe Illustrator, I shifted over to putting my designs onto mockups I found to help get a better visual of the entire Sweet Vibes brand. I then imported mockups together to help make everything feel more related to one another. 
Social Media
Another aspect I wanted to touch on for the Sweet Vibes brand involved some sample social media posts for Instagram. I wanted the posts to feel very open, inviting, and professional-looking while also still having some fun and staying on brand. 
Cricut Maker 3
Below are some videos of the Cricut Maker 3 in action creating some of the products that are featured in the branding of Sweet Vibes. 

Stickers being cut.

Permanent iron-on vinyl being cut.

Cupcake wrappers being cut. 

Permanent glossy vinyl being cut.

Final Images
Below are images I took of the full brand for Sweet Vibes that I constructed myself. Everything shown was either printed/cut, made from the Cricut Maker 3, or ironed on using the EasyPress. I love bringing my projects to life and breaking away from having everything completely digital. I enjoy being crafty and hands-on to get the most out of what I love...art/design. 
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