About the Project
This project focused on creating a Corporate Report from the given Word Doc provided. The document included the name of the logo needed, master copy, analytics for creating graphs, and general information about the company. The color scheme, typography, stock images, graphs, etc. were all the designer's choices where it felt appropriate with the information.
Thought Process
Initial sketches were developed before diving into InDesign to create the project. It was helpful for trying to figure out how to organize all the information in a clear and meaningful way without anything seeming too overwhelming to the reader. Images and graphs needed to be included as well to match with the given data in the brief. They would need to be structured in a way that makes sense to the audience as they are reading through. 
Final Layout
Below shows the final document of the Corporate Report. The colors were used in a strategic way to make the information and data seem more professional and important to the reader. The design choices were used to help highlight keep points and to keep the focus mainly on the text and graphs on the document. The style is very clean and sophisticated to complement the information. 
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