About the Project
This was an illustration project I decided to create for my dad as a Father's Day gift in 2021. Besides the mockups, everything was created in Procreate. I used a reference photo my dad sent me a while back and decided to bring his photo to life. I figured it would be a great idea as he loves his Camaro. 
I started off with the base of the Camaro and made sure I got the colors to match as closely as possible to his actual car. His Camaro is a unique green-blue depending on the lighting you look at it which made this project a bit more challenging to get it right. I then moved on to the details of the car. I wanted enough to make it recognizable, but nothing too crazy to take away from the Camaro itself. 
The Process
Below shows the reference photo (left) and the illustration (middle) that I came up with. I originally planned on recreating the scenery that was similar to what was shown in the reference photo as I knew I needed something in the background. I then went back to brainstorming other ideas to make it unique and stand out more than other posters I was looking at for inspiration. I decided to do a background (right) to reference the vehicle, Z28 Chevy, to bring more attention to those aspects. 
Final Image
The final image is shown on the right for what the finished product was for the car poster I gave my dad. This shows the illustration and background in action with one another. I'm very happy with how this turned out and I was even more excited to give it to him. 
This video shows a time-lapse (in Procreate) of the entire project and how I went about illustrating everything/creating the background. Everything is completely trial and error (as you can see in the video) and it all takes experimenting with until you get things exactly how you want them. 
Below are two mockups to show the poster in context. 
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