About the Project
The goal of this project was to find a poorly designed package and make our own, more effective, redesign of it. After researching products that came to mind and browsing local stores online and in person, I came across the packaging of Borax.
When looking at Borax’s original design, the color scheme doesn’t seem to work well with one another. There was a lot of information on all sides of the packaging, and some seemed to repeat many times, making it a bit excessive for the viewer. 
The challenge was that the product was a detergent booster AND a multi-purpose household cleaner. The image on the original package resembled a washing machine. I was trying to think of ways to combine the many functions of the package without making it too cliche or overcrowded.
Thought Process
I went through several sketches of what I wanted the product to look like. I focused mainly on the front and back of the packaging as those were the most important sections a consumer would be looking at.
I wanted to add in diagonal elements to help modernize the design compared to the original. I decided to take a different approach and focus on the product, the powder, contained within the package and let the text do the talking about what Borax is.
Creative Brief
To the right is a creative brief that was developed before the start of the project. A creative brief is a document used to outline strategies that can be implemented when creating the project. A creative brief includes details about the project's purpose, background history, goals, demographics, and more. It is used as a template to help guide the designer into making certain choices pertaining to the project that will make it as successful as possible. 
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